Exploring Life & Business with Briana Edmonds.

Ebony Lifestyle Magazine. Published on January 2023. By | Briana Zalamar- Edmonds.

Greetings, my name is Briana Edmonds also known as “BrooklynBabyBri”. I’m A MULTI-business owner, digital content creator, author, journalist, brand ambassador and strategist. Editor/Chief of “Ebony Lifestyle Magazine“. I’ve been seen/featured on multiple platforms from BET Networks, Urban One Honors, NAACP, iHeart Radio, LA Wire, Influencer, New York weekly, Voyage Magazine and the list continues.

What sets me aside from everyone else is my originality. No one can compare because everyone’s journey is different. Throughout trial & error a blessing awaits. One lesson I’ve learned along the way is…. Elevation requires separation. Everyone who starts with you, won’t finish with you. Strangers will support you quicker than people you’ve known for a lifetime. Sad truth, but reality. Continue to win anyways.

My overall purpose of creating Ebony Lifestyle Magazine is to highlight other entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, actresses, and etc. throughout various distributions. The mission behind my brand is to pour positivity. In other terms “give flowers” uplift those who deserve recognition. Whether they are living or passed on.

When you think of Ebony, you think of black. Black excellence to be exact. Melanin comes in many shades, and so does Ebony Lifestyle Magazine. Be sure to follow Ebony Lifestyle Magazine on Facebook and Instagram for future updates.

Need advertisement? Email: Ebonylifestylemagazine@gmail.com

Instagram: Instagram.com/BrooklynBabyBri

Ebony Lifestyle Magazine: Instagram.com/EbonyLifestyleMagazine

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