Meet Jessica Terrero, Digital Creator & Brand Ambassador.

Ebony Lifestyle Magazine. Published on January 13, 2023. By | Briana Zalamar- Edmonds.

We had the good fortune of connecting with Jessica Terrero and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jessica, What’s your favorite part about being a content creator?

My favorite part about being a creator is my love for networking and connecting with other people. It’s a great feeling doing what I love and monetizing myself on various platforms.

If you could collaborate with any brand/business, who would it be and why?

If I could collaborate with any brand, I would love to work with United Airlines, Shea Moisture and Pattern Beauty. As a digital creator, It would be an honor to work with these companies because I truly resonate with them. For starters, I love to travel, traveling with United Airlines I could not only enjoy the experience, but inspire others to travel and make memories on a budget. My overall niche on social media is based on my personal lifestyle, traveling and brand awareness. Collaborating with Shea Moisture and Pattern Beauty would be an experience of a lifetime. As a creator, I love reviewing hair products and my fan base loves it too!

My overall goal for this upcoming year is to never give up on what my heart desires & to keep going no mater if the odds are against me. No matter how the economy market is, there’s still hope for creators like me.

Where can readers go to follow your movement?

For brand inquiries, email:

Be sure to also follow me on Instagram and Tiktok: @Liammlove.

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