Hidden Gems: Meet “ThePolishedLady” Content Creator & Media Influencer.

Ebony Lifestyle Magazine. Published on May 12, 2023. By | Briana Zalamar- Edmonds.

Kelah Mckee also known as “ThePolishedLady” is a Media Specialist, whose platform is used to interview black entrepreneurs and bring positive awareness to their businesses. In addition, “ThePolishedLady” is a host for events, an influencer and raising her only son, “ThePolishedPrince”. “ThePolishedLady” started her brand in 2015, based from an organization called “PolishedBricks“. Since then, “ThePolishedLady” recieved more recognition from individuals fascinated with her movement.

We had the good fortune of connecting with ThePolishedLady and we’ve shared our conversation below.

What’s your favorite part about being a content creator?

My favorite part about being a content creator is the everlasting impact I leave on my audience or as I call them my “PolishedPeople” tribe. It’s an honor shedding my light and sending positivity to black owned businesses.

Name 3 brands/businesses you’re interested in working with and why?

Currently, I’m a brand ambassador for three black owned companies in Indiana. “Sip & Share wines”, “Igotsoleboutique” and “KeKreates”. It was important for me to represent theses brands because their products represent me and the happy lifestyle I am living. Also, I would like to work with Savage Fenty one day to expand my brand.

Credits: @agoodlifephotoco

What’s your overall goal for 2023 as a content creator?

My goal for 2023 is to travel, take my yellow microphone and let people share their stories. I will be doing another “ThePolishedLady” tour in Indianapolis, Indiana and one 5 city tour as well.

Credits: @agoodlifephotoco

Be sure to follow me on my social platforms for future updates.

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/thepolishedlady

Interviews & Bookings: http://www.thepolishedlady.biz/

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